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Friday, December 26, 2008 @ 10:53 PM

Mardi Gras Madness!

Our prom night was a success! After much disagreement among the committee's here and there, but it all came to an end, I proudly say we made it happen!

I thought I was really simple on my prom night. VERYYY simple. (: Here are a few pictures taken at the end of the dinner because I was too busy to be mingling around during the dinner.

Prom King! See the mask on his hands? ;P

Once again, WE made it happen! (;

What's your ideal prom night like? A puffy dress which might make you look like cinderella if you were blonde, great curl for you hair, awesome looking make up, a suitable clutch, a matching pair of shoes and a hot date?

Mine was nothing near that!

1. I didnt purposely scout for a dress.
2. I wore my sister's clubbing dress and took her clutch.
3. I wore my other sisters shoes
4. Took my friend's accessories
5. Planned my make up only on that very morning.
6. Did my hair 7 hours in advance not caring if its gonna look bad during the event.

Last but not least.

7. I didnt go with any dates. (;

I used to think that prom is not all about having dates. But I guess not after all. Oh well, prom is over and it was pretty awesome. Though this prom was definitely not my ideal prom night. (; Not the prom night that I've been imagining since I entered high school at least ;p