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Saturday, December 27, 2008 @ 10:12 PM

Its the holiday month! Which makes my work more fun because I get triple pay on public holidays! Which also makes it the month of big sales! Yes, everywhere having sales! Everywhere you go, its written SALES on the window display! I havent did a single shopping for CNY. I dont have off days. And I dont expect myself to shop everything in Bangkok. No way for sure. Jan 3rd, my off day! Which is also Zyna's wedding. Which means i have to appreciate time, I've planned to go shopping in Pavilion in the afternoon since her dinner is somewhere near there. Clothes, bags, shoes and everything good. I know sales are over by then, but I dont look like I have any choice dont I? Well I'll get my pay by then and hopefully, by shopping, I will make myself happy.

Yes I'm not happy, why? Because I know too much liars. Too much cheaters, too much betrayers, too much backstabbers! And I feel like I have no friends. I feel left out, yes I really do. What happened to the friendship we used to have? Pft.

I know working is not everything, but I hope to get a Baby Phat bag and some Mac cosmetics to satisfy myself. To appreciate all the hard work I've put in for two months :P Yeah at the end of the day, I finish all my pay and i'll live in the woods and chewing on leaves!

I do plan to stop work by end of January. No more public holidays on Feb, means no more triple pay which also means not worth working. HAHA! Okay, $_$ thats me! And I've also planned my February! Driving classes and make up course! Not forgetting to really decide what I want to study in college and which college to go to. I also have to find out about open days in college. My ideal college would be KDU, Taylors or TOA. Depending what am I studying.
I have four choices in mind. Multimedia/Graphic Design or Mass comm majoring in either Advertising/Broadcasting. I love to do designing, I am not saying im good but its my interest. BUT I dont want it as my career! I cant be sitting in front of the computer 24-7. No day no night? Hmmmm. AS much as I adore photography, its not a career type of thing. I guess I'll just make it a hobby! ); Do let me know about what you guys think, I need opinions! Leave me comments, IM me, call me, text me or anything! Thank you in advance. I know i am not getting any reply on this! :D Last but not least I think I need a DRASTIC change before I enter college. (: What say you? :P