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Sunday, December 21, 2008 @ 9:51 AM

I think I am finally changing to blogspot already. Xanga didnt give me a choice, at any time any place. I cant seem to log in to blog. Besides, it seems like everyone is changing to blogspot too! I havent take the initiative to really change to blogspot because I've been really busy. Busy doing what? Hmmm, something that no one believes. -__-" Yes I am working. :D Hahahaha, are you guys amazed? Yes I clock in at 11am, clock out at 8pm most of the time. Come home I bathe, eat and sleep and it goes on like this for days. 13 days of working I've only had one off day, which was for prom! For that, I dont even consider myself having any off days at all! I think I am worse than a full timer, Ive seen them have their off days more than twice already! While I just had one day. Pftt.

But then again, I've been working on all the public holidays, which also means TRIPLE PAY for me! ;D Schedules are out, I'm working on christmas, new years and second day of CNY too! :D

Talking about planning, have you seen Starbucks' 2009 planner? mmHmm, Im in love with it. Finally got my hands on it yesterday :D Have been hesitating to get it though.

Its quite a long posting for a new beginning, but oh well. SPREAD THE LOVE, I am now blogging in www.tengtengtengteng.blogspot.com (:

with a tear i wonder why did you let it go so fast.