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Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 12:00 AM

I keep telling myself that I will be better. I keep telling myself there's no such thing about who cant live without whoever. I keep telling myself that he's not worth my tears, he's not worth my time. I keep telling myself that I can move on. But at the very end of the day, I fall back flat on where I tried to stand up.

Whats the point of doing so much when he knows exactly nothing about what I have to go through everyday? What does he knows about me? Nothing to be exact.

I dont know if I should be drowned in tears or die from laughter. I dont know if I should be happy or sad. Is this a new beginning or another ending. I know I often tell myself that, every ending has a new beginning. But this time around, I have no idea what more to tell myself so that I would feel better.

Its as if I am sitting on a marry-go-round. Everything is like a routine for me, same things keep happening and I dont know how to trust or believe anymore. Fall in love, get cheated and so so so. Pft.

You've been a wonderful person, you've made things great. You've brighten up things for me and made me feel like no other.

Im out of words, i dont know what more to say. I dont know how more to express myself. I dont know how more should I put things in words. I dont know if today is the day that I've not been wanting to meet.

Its the simple things that I am asking for.