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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 11:59 PM


How was 2008 for you? Mine was awesome blossom! There's ups and downs. Happy and sad. Sweet and sour. Fun and boring. And the list goes on.

2008 was filled with buckets of tears, pots of laughter and jars of fun. My final year in high school, Back in 07' I told myself I am giving myself one year to look good for prom. Obviously I failed miserably! Hahaha. Well I purchased my first ever vuitton, and theres another one coming in 2009. Well, no! Im kidding! Hahaha. Someone made me happy for the entire week because we went out together. My birthday was no big deal, but it was with great people though there wasnt any celebration nor presents. I took tuition(s), and so teachers drove me up the wall, got on my nerves and made me go crazy. I sat for SPM, I wasnt a girl/lady/woman for five months. It was all due to stress. I dyed my hair and regret because it was not worth the price I paid. I started work only because I wanted to get another vuitton, but not after i know how hard is it to earn RM5 -__-" Dont be amazed please.

These are basically the highlights of year 2008. I am waiting for a more exciting and challenging 2009 because I know God created challenges to strengthen us and never to defeat us. (: I hope I am strong enough to face it. I know how people always make resolutions and people probably put effort into doing it for the first month, but this time around I've really gotta make a change in myself! I am gonna attend college! :D Its gonna be a new me ;D

Thank you to every single one of you who have made my 2008 awesome like a flower blossom. You guys are too wonderful to be mentioned. :D
pss, im secretly afraid if i would miss out anyone.

Its the very last minute of 2008, have a dazzling new 2009. (;